Strategically Driven. Creatively Packaged.

Social Media platforms are one of the most powerful methods of attracting users and customers. It’s a living, thriving eco-system that has incredible potential, if used correctly.

Social Media Marketing is the digital discipline that looks at forming communities around users that are relevant to your brand, and coaxing them to take an action- whether it be a Newsletter sign-up, a purchase from your e-commerce store, or visiting your latest blog article.

At Qwerty, we believe that social media offers a unique step in the sales funnel of your customers, and can generate real world impact, and change with intent.

What We Deliver


Content Marketing is not fluffy*. It’s more than a pic and a 140 characters, more than a “Happy Friday” post (although these do have their purpose.) Each piece of content that you place on your social platforms should have a strategic purpose, a driver, a call to action; packaged in a creative format that captures your audience- but also contributes to the monthly performance of your brand.

Fluffy: to not having any strategic purpose or offering. It’s digital candy floss- something to look at, but dissolves very quickly, never leaving you satisfied.

Monthly Curated Content Plans

We craft specialised pieces of content that live as more than entertainment for your audience. Your business and its various elements are examined, your objectives understood, and your audiences analysed, which give us clear insight into what and how we should be showcasing your business, and driving your goals.

These monthly content plans are then generated to best reflect the monthly needs of your business, working towards your Quarterly objectives. On sign off, these are crafted, scheduled, and monitored daily.

Content Creation

At Qwerty, we utilise the skills of many creative people, which gives us access to countless imaginative minds, itching to craft and create. If you require bespoke content, that is original and ‘handmade,’ we can produce video’s, how-to’s, animation and stories that are of the highest quality and execution.

With video consumption ever increasing- even in South Africa- these original, crafted content pieces can capture minds and clicks.

Content Design and Animation

Your brand, if it hasn’t already, needs to adopt a visual personality on digital. Audiences and customers are only interested if presented with a visual idea of what you’re expressing. It is vital for a brand in modern times to adopt a strong visual representation, that is then utilised across platforms such as social media, blogs, website, emailers- encompassing all.

High quality design and creative animation ensure higher action rates, higher conversion rates, and a much larger impact, making it essential for brands that want market share and share of voice.


Community Management is the relationship link to you and your audiences. Through the social media platforms, a brand can connect with current and potential customers. With authentic communication, detailed escalation plans, and a keen understanding of what and how to respond to your clients, Community Management connect you to customers.

Customer Queries and Response

Let us provide your customers with factual, authentic and reliable solutions to any questions they may have around your business. Our team of Community Managers will not only have a strong understanding of your products and services, but also your channels and infrastructure, allowing us to generate accurate and quick responses to your customers, keeping you involved.

Engagement and Broadcast

Engagement and Broadcast is a specialised service that links your brand to other, relevant brands and influencers. Utilising disciplines from Public Relations, combined with the interlinked presences of related brands, we can craft specialised messaging and relationships with key influencers and brands that can strengthen your digital presence, and increase engagement. Well suited to brands and businesses in the retail and mall environment.

Online Reputation Management

For large scale clients, or business that are passionate about what is being said about your brand, we can offer full spectrum Online Reputation Management. ORM utilises 3rd party tools that track keywords related to your brands, meaning that you will be informed of mentions of your brand across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, forums and more. It also offers insight into the overall health of your brand, such as sentiment (How positive / negatively your brand is perceived) how many mentions your brand receives, your channel distribution, and social audience profiling.


We understand that Community Management often presents two challenges:

◊  It’s a costly exercise: Because of the sheer number of hours that Community Management demands, it can become quite expensive to maintain.

◊  You know your business better: Some clients prefer to maintain the business / customer relationship themselves, as they have a holistic insight into the business and can provide immediate responses to customer’s needs.

We provide full training and documentation creation, that will assist your teams to control and manage the ongoing community management. Dependant on your business needs, this could include:

◊ Escalation Documentation
◊ User Query Mapping
◊ Initial set up of Community Management Tools
◊ Training on Tools and Platforms
◊ Monthly Metrics and Performance