Instant Impact. Long-Term Results.

Online Media, although a cost, is essential to the growth and visibility of your brand on digital. On social media, you’re competing with an algorithm that decides what content is best to share; on websites, you’re competing with competitors and clutter.

By using a multitude of varied objectives, Online Media can drive the real-world impact that your business craves.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising offers one of the greatest potential opportunities for your brand. This cost effective and highly targeted form of advertising allows for creative execution, with a multitude of objectives to suit your goals.

One of the key differentiators of Facebook Advertising is its ability to find, target and acquire audiences that you are looking for. It may even be how you found us! The data that Facebook provides when targeting your audiences means that we can link your objectives with your clients and generate actions across a variety of business objectives.

Types of Adverts

Once you know your objective, we engineer impactful and result orientated media strategies that drive with intent.


Google Adwords is a paid for advertising service that runs on the Google Advertising Network. It offers a spectacular service of getting your company in the online space across Google’s network and targets consumers directly based on their search queries and interests. This method of targeting allows us to put your business offering in sight of consumers who will need it most.

This advertising method works on a bidding system similar to an auction. You choose the keywords and targeting that best suit your business, design adverts to match your offering and bid on a cost per click basis. We have seen vastly different costs across industries from R5 per click all the way to R50. This fluctuation is dependent on the amount of competition on the keywords you are targeting. We design campaigns to best suit your industry and budget in order to drive users and potential leads through your website.

Types of Adverts