Performance through Purpose

Your job is to select the goals- our job is to get you there. This means helping you select the annual goals that we will be chasing, and providing metrics that show the monthly performance, translated back into your objectives- Ultimately, supporting your business. We’re passionate about the insights, and downright determined about the numbers- together, they create change with intent.

What Reporting Delivers

Monthly Reporting

Our monthly report incorporates your Annual, Quarterly and Monthly goals into a data based, insights-from-expertise report that generates benchmarks- meaning you always understand your brand performance.

Reporting and Audits

If you’ve ever experienced the iconic “can’t see the forest from the trees”, you’ll know the importance of an outsider perspective. We’re here to audit, analyse and interpret the data provided, and provide new insights and strategic values for any brand, whether on retainer, or as a once-off. Goals and Metric creation and documentation are also offered